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website disclaimer


I.  I am not a doctor, therapist, attorney or accountant and I am not giving medical, mental health, legal or accounting advice.  the information you read on this website is not a substitute for the advice from your own professionals.  


II.  the information I share here is intended only for educational and informational purposes, and for no other reason.  I love providing information about what works for me, but I encourage you to use your own judgement before applying anything I’ve shared here to your own life or situation.


III.  I am not liable for any harm caused by use or misuse of the information and products on this website.  the information and products I share are to help you become better informed, use your best judgement and seek your own professional counsel.  


IV.  client reviews and testimonials shared on this website are examples,  not everyone can expect the same results or emotional reactions.  each reading and offering is completely different and I hope you find the beauty in that uniqueness. 


V.  I am not formally endorsing any brand, person, artist, entity, or product shared here.  the references and links shared here, as well as mentions of information, opinions, advice, programs, or services of any other individual, business, or entity does not constitute my formal endorsement.  I am merely sharing resources,  please use your own best judgement before applying any information from other sites into your own life.


VI.  disclosure of affiliate partnerships:  I may receive financial compensation for any purchases made through affiliate links on this site.  I am not liable for the work, products, or harm caused through use of these products.  pleases see clauses I, II, III, & V.

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